I have always found expression through different ways of being physically active. Dance has always been my main form of escape. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to dance no matter where I was, even though I was always the clumsy girl in dance class. Dance has taken me on a journey into many different directions throughout my life and that is never going to stop.

My journey with dance started when I was 5 years old. I focused on the more common forms of dance such as ballet, hip hop, tap, and jazz . In 2008 I discovered dancing with hula hoops and other forms of prop manipulation. Props not only became my dance partners but a personal connection between shapes, space, and expression. Dancing with a hula hoop has allowed me to channel and incorporate all forms of dance.The idea of this circle is so profound, powerful, and captivating

The art of hoopdance originated as a Native American Traditional dance. Their idea behind this was that the hoop is a universal circle through which we are all connected. In this circle we travel through the times of our life creating a visual experience that shows our personal stories and journeys throughout our dance. That idea changed my life and will forever. I keep this idea close to my heart and carry that out to others as well through teaching.

Hoopdance, yoga, and all forms of dance are not just for one person. This art is for all people to experience and create a form of a mentally and physically healthy expression. The hoop was my gateway into many different activities such as fire dancing, prop dancing, and yoga. Once I started teaching hoopdance I found that I loved the feeling of helping others to find something that changed their lives for the better and brought them so much joy.

I started to gain an interest in teaching yoga. I studied yoga and got my certification through a great donation based studio called Yoga To The People. The teacher training process allowed me to view myself and others in a completely different light. Yoga has helped me to break down my inner walls that I have built up throughout my life. These walls are hard to break and I feel as if this can be a life long process. Yoga heals the mind and body guiding us to see ourselves in a clear manner and helping us to cultivate daily life situations with a calmer piece of mind. I am so grateful for all of the students that have come my way and I am excited to meet my future students.

My passion is to continue to help people by guiding them into different forms of activity that heals the mind, body, and soul.

- Ashley Bransky